Eye Tests

eye testing

Comprehensive eye testing in Galashiels


Do you strain your eyes to see?

The common misconception is that “yes I can see, so there is no point in having my eyes examined”. 

This, however, is not true as not only does the eye test provide an accurate assessment of your vision but it allows us to determine the general health of your eyes and can identify early signs of problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Free retinal photography

From monitoring the health of your eyes to detecting the early-presence of a disease, our free retinal photography can help identify many eye issues. We can do it free of cost. In fact we will be happy to conduct the scan and talk you through the results.

Retinal photography shows us a detailed image of your retina and the back of your eyes, providing a comprehensive and useful amount of information on the health of your eyes. For an easy and stress-free eye test, visit us today!
stress-free eye test

Look after your eyes

Our eye exams are structured to ensure you receive the eye care you deserve, helping you to maintain the care and protection of your most valuable sense, your sight. 

Using the latest technology, our optometrist is always 100% trained on all aspects of optometry, ensuring that your visit is efficient and stress free.

At Gala Optical Centre, we recommend an eye examination every two years. Get in touch to book yours today.
For a trusted eye check-up in Galashiels, contact Gala Optical Centre.
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